21. Oktober 2006

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“Between the Grooves” von Joern Mueller: A MA-Thesis in the Social Sciences on the common culture of music lovers and collectors and their distictive behaviour, Heidelberg 2004

“Das Phänomen Weblogs: Ein Beitrag zur Medienethnologie.” (PDF) Auszüge (Einleitung, Kapitel 4 und Literatur) der Magisterarbeit von Markus Biedermann, Heidelberg 2005.

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  1. mediascapes » Archiv » Music matters (and vinyl does make you pretty) sagt:

    […] In Between the Grooves schrieb Jörn gleich in der Einleitung: The point is that music matters: it matters in content to individual lives to varying and changing degrees, and also through the meaning produced out of the musical ‘matter’ (as the artefact record), by which we transform our individual life-worlds and everything and everyone that is tied up with those. Music is a universal aesthetic and symbolic practice. […]

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